The Truth About Twitter Growth

The Truth About Twitter Growth


I've been on twitter for over 5 months now and I gained 5.5k+ followers in that period.

This isn't much compared to some people on twitter I know who gained more followers in a small period of time. However, I believe that for those people, luck played a key role in their growth. They knew and made connections with the right people at the right time. Not everyone has that kind of luck, and these people represent less than 5% of the people on twitter.

I believe my growth didn't involve luck (maybe some idk) but the bigger part of it was dedication and being consistent.

So here are my tips for growing on twitter.


I know this is mentioned a lot but that's what truly matters. No one wants to see people who are pretending to be someone else. People will like you for who you are. Don't try to copy and pretend to be someone else.

if you're not authentic, two things can happen: Either people find out you're lying and pretending to be someone you are not, or people will believe you and it works out, but you will never feel good about that. By the way, the first option is what happens most of the time and I've seen people lose their credibility on tech twitter with my own eyes.


Be genuinely interested in people. A psychological fact is people like it when other people are interested in them, social acceptance is one of the biggest dopamine hits of the brain. If you become interested in people and listen to them, people will automatically love you. Don't pretend that you're interested when you aren't though. Make sure you want to connect to people, otherwise don't be on twitter lol.

Connections are what will get you through twitter on bad days. It's like you have a support system on twitter, they will interact with most of your tweets, and you will interact with theirs so it's a win-win situation.

Twitter Spaces

I don't know why this isn't brought up much, but A LOT of my followers came from twitter spaces. Join twitter spaces and talk. Share your ideas and thoughts. It's a fantastic way to have some presence even if you don't have a lot of followers. People will follow you because they like your ideas and opinions on different matters.

Don't follow Trends

Please do not blindly follow trends just to gain followers unless you have something to add. No one likes accounts that jump on every trend to gain followers. Be unique, we are here to contemplate people's ideas and learn from each other.

Create Content

Most people on twitter joined tech twitter to learn new things and/or get motivated. For me, I make blogs and create CSS art and sometimes write threads. There are different types of content you can provide other than these of course (tutorials, podcasts, ..etc). Find something you are good at and create content about it! It will feel great when positive feedback comes. You will see people benefit from you! Even if you are not an expert yet, write about what you are learning; there will always be someone less experienced than you and will benefit from you.

There will be Haters

There will always be haters and that's okay. Don't let them get to you. Some people forget that the people behind a twitter account are human too. They'd never hate on them in real life because it is harder than hating online. Obviously, don't be a hater too but I guess I don't have to say that.

Don't be hot-headed

If someone disagrees with you, don't EVER curse them, or talk to them rudely. If you have the mental energy, have a conversation with them. If you don't just ignore them. At the end of the day, if you posted a public tweet then people have the right to agree or disagree with you. They're not at fault here.

Obviously, this doesn't apply to people who rudely disagree with you. If that happens to you, just block those accounts right away, the fight won't be worth it. Trust me.


I was hesitant whether or not should I post this because I'm not considered a big account, but I've been here for enough time to get experience on twitter. So, I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and found it insightful! Remember to not chase followers and that having good connections is worth more than the numbers.

If you have other tips to add feel free to add them! If you disagree with something in here, I'd love to listen to your opinion as well :)